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  • Simona Kalachov

Introducing: The New Era of Frich

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Frich, the revolutionary app designed to provide you with the raw truth about… well, everyone's money. Say goodbye to filters and fakeness and embrace the authentic insights and resources that Frich brings to your fingertips. We understand that financial decisions can be overwhelming, which is why Frich is here to guide you with three powerful features: Question of the Day, Resources, and Perks.

Question of the day: Ever had those burning questions about personal finance but didn't know who to ask? Frich has got you covered. Every day, you'll receive a new thought-provoking question, ranging from topics like finding your dream apartment to managing student loans. Our algorithms analyze your occupation, age group, and geographic location to match you with answers from people who are most similar to you. By answering these questions, you not only keep up your streak but also unlock the best tools and recommendations for your financial journey.

Resources: Get ready to stack up against your peers and gain a clear picture of your financial game. With Frich's Resources feature, you can compare yourself with others in terms of investing, salary, and more. These benchmarks provide valuable insights into your progress and motivate you to level up. You'll also receive tailored product recommendations that align with your unique goals and circumstances, straight from your peers,as well as Frich experts. The best part? Resources are static, meaning you can always come back to get a clear overview of your financial journey.

Perks: Are you ready to navigate your financial journey like a pro? Frich's Perks feature is your go-to resource for handpicked tools, resources, and recommendations. Whether you need guidance on choosing the best products or services that align with your unique goals and circumstances, Frich has got you covered. Unlock financial success by finding your perfect fit through our tailored recommendations.

At Frich, we understand the importance of authenticity. We know that the fairytale bullsh*t presented online doesn't reflect the reality of people's lives. That's why we provide benchmarks from the community, allowing you to gauge what's attainable and adjust your expectations accordingly. No more comparing yourself to highlight reels; Frich brings you authentic insights from people just like you who have been there, done that, and are eager to share their knowledge with those who haven't. it safe? Your privacy and security are our top priorities. Rest assured that all your personal information remains completely anonymous throughout your journey with Frich. We believe in building a real community where you can seek real answers, and that's why trust and security are at the core of our platform.

Are you ready to discover the authenticity you've been craving? Download Frich now and embark on your journey towards financial empowerment. No filters, no fakeness—just the raw truth about everyone's money.


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