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Here's how it works:

You'll receive a new question daily - like all the most awkward questions you've always been curious about!

We'll break down the answers based on who you're the most similar to - based on your occupation, age group and location.

Keep answering questions to keep up your streak and unlock the best tools and recommendations for your financial journey!

Say goodbye to comparing yourself to highlight reels.-2.png

What's this about:

In Resources you can find 5 insightful hubs: Pay, Investing, Budgeting, Job Hunting and Credit. Here you can answer questions and see how you stack up compared to your peers in those categories.


Plus, you'll get a clear picture of your financial game and find motivation to level up! Find tips on how to get ahead, and get access to free resources and tools to do so.


Hubs are static, meaning you'll always be able to come back and have a clear overview of your journey.


Now this is exciting:

With Perks you can navigate your financial journey like a pro.

With our handpicked tools, resources, and recommendations you'll have everything you need to make smart money moves.

Perks are personalized to your journey and are peer-vetted, meaning you'll only be recommended tools that your community has found helpful.


Find your perfect fit and unlock financial success!

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