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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Post-festival Blues

Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or considering going to your first one, join us as we explore the highs, lows, and costs of music festival season.

With summer approaching, the question of hitting up a music festival is on many people’s minds. 24% of Frichies are all in for the festival vibes this summer!

Most of you are skipping out this year though. 27% because of financial constraints and 46% are skipping out simply because they're not keen on music festivals. Lastly, 3% are simply struggling to find their perfect festival buddy. Wonder if we should create a group chat for you guys?🥰

Accommodation costs can be a sticky subject, especially when going with a group of people. 77% of you believe in splitting everything down the middle, regardless of individual budgets. However, 23% opt for a more personalized approach, divvying up costs based on each person's financial situation. Our take? If someone is actively lobying for a pricier option, then they should cover a bigger chunk. And if you're in a position where you can't afford to match your friends' tastes - speak up!! 📣A music festival is not the thing to go into debt for📣

Festival FOMO is real, but so are post-festival budget blues. 54% of you express regret, deeming festivals overrated for the price tag and 2% of you regret it because it’s always more expensive than originally thought. On the flip side, 44% say that every dollar spent at a festival is money well invested in unforgettable memories!

Wanna skip the post-festival budget blues? Plan ahead!! Put money aside and (I know you're sick of hearing this) create a budget! You'll thank us later😘

Whether you’re attending a festival this year, planning ahead to go to one, or simply spending your money elsewhere - let Frich help you budget for the best summer ever! Check out budgeting tips under resources or link your bank account to make decisions based on how you compare to others. 


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