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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Who pays for a date?

There are a two things we at Frich know about you: you don't like using dating apps & you are very curious to know how others are handling dating on a tight budget.

We could talk all day about expectations and perceptions around money & dating, so without further ado, let's dive into money expectations for first dates! ⬇️

We've got bad news for you lovers on a tight budget😓 61% said that taking someone out on a cheap date comes off as lazy. BUT! There are ways to invite someone on a thoughtful date that won't break the bank.

Wanna know what the Frich team thinks? Money can't buy thoughtfulness🥰 On that note - about a third actually thinks that a cheaper first date takes the pressure away and makes the first date feel more fun! So how about a cute park picnic date?

When we wrote this question we were curious to see if there are still some gender expectations sticking around, when it comes to dating in college. The outcome was quite surprising to us. 45% think a guy should always pick up their date. And around a third think this is an outdated expectation. Guess this comes off as a thoughtful gesture?

Let's say you're invited to a dinner on a first date. Should you offer to pay for the cab? Or maybe offer to pay for dessert? Frichies are pretty split on this one: 29% think the guy should cover it; 34% think you should split it equally; 31% think that the person who invited should cover everything; and 6% think that the person who got invited should offer to pay for the little things.

Our opinion? If you're having fun at the date, you should at least offer to cover some small part. Leave it on the other person to decide whether they want to accept or decline your offer. Or you can just be flirty and offer to pay for the next date😉 Thank us later!


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