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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: The TLDR; on Internships

Navigating the world of internships can feel like stepping into a maze of unspoken rules and expectations. But fear not! At Frich, we're all about shedding light on those hidden norms. So let's dive into the realm of internship etiquette and uncover the dos and don'ts that can make or break your professional experience.

The TLDR; we have a bunch of free resources for interns including topics about:

✅ preparing for interviews

✅ polishing your resume

✅ using recruiters or job hunting sites

Find all of these on the Frich app under the Resources tab! Just search for the Job Hunting section!

In today's competitive job market, it's pretty common for people to put in extra hours once the clock strikes 5pm. You might even think it's expected of you. But do people your age actually stay longer to finish their tasks to impress their boss or is it ok for you to leave on time to make it to your workout class?

61% of you admit to staying late at your jobs to get things done. And while putting in that extra effort shows commitment, it's crucial to find that sweet spot between work and play.

Considering an unpaid internship? Our insights show that 64% of you can’t take on an unpaid internship due to financial constraints, while 22% said they would as long as they have parental support, and 14% would as long as they another way to earn income to cover expenses.

Internships are a financial balancing act many of us face, so take the time to review your financial situation and discuss it openly with your parents / potential employer. Our tip? We probably wouldn't go into debt just for an unpaid internship. And don't be afraid to ask for financial compensation - getting a full salary might not be possible but maybe your employer can offer you a stipend to cover transportation costs or lunches.

Speaking of pay, have you ever wondered if your co-workers are making more than you?  37% of you say you have open salary discussions and have that answer. 62% want to know, but don’t. And 1% doesn’t know but doesn’t think it matters.

We know these can be awkward conversations, but knowledge = money, especially in the workplace! Knowing whether or not your co-workers make more than you, can help you to negotiate a potential raise!!

We hope this helps you feel more empowered when it comes to the internship landscape. Want to see more resources regarding internship etiquette or insights? Send us an email with your ideas to!


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