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Make a meaningful impact. Improve the financial well-being of Gen Z.

At Frich, we're dedicated to supercharging credit unions by helping them acquire Gen Z members and tap into their member footprint. Through the partnership program, credit unions can:

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  • Gain access to insights that empower their members 

  • Enhance their members' financial lives

  • Foster financial literacy for Gen Z

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Empower Your Financial Institution to Acquire
Gen Z Members 

Welcome to Frich’s Partner Program, designed exclusively for financial institutions looking to engage and attract Gen Z members. By collaborating with Frich, you can leverage innovative solutions that cater to the financial needs of the next generation while enhancing your institution's value proposition.

This Is Your
All-in-One Toolkit

Equip your credit union to deeply connect with Gen Z through Frich's all-in-one toolkit. Gain data-driven insights into Gen Z's preferences, behaviors, and financial goals. Effortlessly tailor marketing strategies and product offerings to acquire new members seamlessly. 

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No Technical Integration Needed We Handle All The Heavy Lifting!

Discover stress-free Gen Z acquisition and engagement with Frich. Our expert team manages all aspects, eliminating the need for a technical integration.


Harness Frich's toolkit to attract, engage, and acquire Gen Z members, ensuring your institution's growth.



Cultivate deep relationships and lasting loyalty among Gen Z members, guided by data insights and meaningful engagement.



Embrace forward-thinking approaches that captivate and resonate with Gen Z's evolving needs. 

Are Gen Z members part of your strategic vision? Get in touch with the Frich team here! 

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