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Frich revolutionizes advertising by positioning your
brand as a solution
to Gen Z's problems.

Frich is the ultimate Gen Z money insights app, answering all financial questions while maintaining complete anonymity. While daily taboo money questions allow our users to compare their income, rent, and spending habits with their peers, it allows your brand to act as an immediate solution to their problems.

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Conquer the college market

Looking to conquer the college market? Tailored exclusively for consumer brands seeking to connect with Gen Z, Frich Partner Program helps you tap into innovative solutions that cater to the preferences of the next generation while enhancing your brand's appeal.

Get in front of the Gen Z audience with 10x the impact

Empower your  brand to create meaningful connections with Gen Z through Frich's unique marketing strategy. With the Frich Partner Program, your brand can:

  • Establish presence on leading college campuses

  • Access data-driven insights into Gen Z's preferences and behaviors

  • Effortlessly craft product offerings to attract new customers

  • Reach high growth & strong brand awareness with competitive CAC

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Are Gen Z users part of your strategic vision? Get in touch with the Frich team now! 

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