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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Back To School🎓

47% of Frichies chose financial stability over their passion🥺

Choosing between a lucrative major and pursuing your passion can be challenging. While financial stability is crucial, it's also essential to find a balance; consider looking for a major that aligns with both your interests and future earning potential. It’s best to know your strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to work, lifestyle, etc.

Think long-term and explore opportunities for growth in your chosen field. Remember, a stable financial future doesn't always mean sacrificing your passions entirely; it's about making informed choices and planning strategically!

A third of Frichies admitted that it was hard to manage a job and studies both at the same time, while 42% (wow🙌) managed their part-time job without compromising their studies!

Balancing work and academics can be tough, but it's a common experience for many college students. Gaining experience outside of the classroom can eventually end up helping you be a better student AND make it easier to land your first post-grad job! But - choose wisely.

Taking on a part-time job can provide financial support and teach you time management skills. Be realistic about your workload and schedule, and don't be afraid to seek help from professors or academic advisors if you're struggling to juggle both.

You can also seek out other forms of financial assistance such as scholarships and grants. We’ve partnered with Ms. Susy (@mssusyruiz) to gift a $300 scholarship to one of our lucky users! Click here to learn more & apply! You can also check out her other scholarships on her website here. Good luck!

About a third of Frich users don't talk about their student debt with their friends at all and another third feels fully comfortable discussing their student loans! The rest is somewhere in between🫣

Discussing student loan debt can be a sensitive topic, but at Frich we believe that it's crucial to have open conversations about it; many students and recent graduates face similar challenges and sharing experiences and advice can be valuable!

Your comfort level with discussing student loan debt may vary, but remember that it's okay to talk about it; it can lead to new insights, support, and potentially discovering strategies to manage debt more effectively. 💚

Encourage open and non-judgmental discussions within your friend group as it can help reduce the stigma associated with student loans and foster a sense of community in navigating financial challenges together!


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