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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Side Hustling💰

Whether you want to get some extra cash from your social media, walking dogs or doing Doordash deliveries, there have never been more opportunities out there. But while it is a great way to make some extra income, it can also seem daunting to get started.

And what better way to get started than by answering all your questions? You might not know anyone with a successful side hustle or you might be too embarrassed to get all the detail you want to know, so obviously we went ahead and asked these questions for you!

The TLDR; we have a bunch of free resources for you if you're looking to make some extra cash:

✅ platforms to sign up for if you want to make some extra $$$ creating content

✅ tips on polishing your resume

✅ creators to follow for ideas and inspiration for your next side hustle

✅ data bases to figure out how much you should be asking for your work

Find all of these on the Frich app under the Resources tab! Just search for the Job Hunting section!

39% of you said yes! That's a big chunk of people making extra money outside of their studies or full time jobs. So if you ever find yourself asking "how are they affording their lifestyle?", this might be the answer! They might be working on a side hustle that pays for the bottomless brunches and designer bags.

And if you've been on the fence of testing out a side hustle yourself, this is your sign! If almost 40% of Frichies can do it, so can you!

Find tips and tools on the Frich app under the Resources tab! Just search for the Job Hunting section & you'll find all you need to know about finding that perfect side hustle.

6% said they're already making money from their social media accounts, another 5% make money on social media and are actively trying to make even more from it. And 38% of you are not doing it yet but really want to get into it :)

So if you're experimenting with ways to monetize your socials, don't be shy. Most people are doing it or want to be able to do it💰 And we're here for it - if social media companies can make money off of your data and creativity, so should you!!!

Find tips and tools on the Frich app under the Resources tab! Just search for the Job Hunting section & we'll walk you through how to get into monetizing your content.

So let's say you're struggling to find that perfect side hustle and you're left wondering - how is everyone else affording their lifestyles? Maybe their parents are bankrolling them? And if so, does that mean you should be expecting the same from your parents?

We can't answer that question for you, though we would suggest having open and honest conversations with your parents (if possible) about money if you're struggling to make ends meet.

But! Back to the question at hand - is it ok to ask your parents for money? Here's what Frichies say to that: 31% think it's ok to ask if your parents can afford to help out; 15% think it's ok only if you're struggling to find a job; 46% think it's ok only for emergencies; and only 8% think it's not ok to ask your parents for money at all.

We know this can be a tough conversation to navigate depending on your family situation but you got this!❤️


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