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Path to Success

The Path to Success Scholarship is a prestigious award designed to assist and empower ambitious students in pursuing higher education and personal growth. This scholarship recognizes the importance of education as a catalyst for success. It aims to provide financial support to deserving individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and a solid commitment to their community. By offering this scholarship, we aim to open doors for talented individuals and allow them to overcome financial barriers, realize their full potential and pave their path to success.

Scholarship amount:

Ms. Susy Ruiz is an accomplished leader in the college counseling field committed to assisting first-generation, traditional, and transfer students and their families in achieving their college aspirations. With over twelve years of experience in college admissions, higher education, scholarships, and educational background, Ms. Ruiz brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Learn more here!

About Ms. Susy


Frich isn't just about dollars and cents; we're about investing in dreams. Through our innovative app features that champion financial transparency, and honest conversations around money, we're dedicated to leveling the playing field in education. We're here to empower aspiring minds, making personal finance a stepping stone to a brighter academic journey.

About Frich

  • 🇺🇸Do I have to be a US citizen to apply?
    No! This scholarship is open to US citizens/permanent residents, as well as DACA recipients and international students currently studying in the US. Please note that international students outside of the US are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • ✅How do I apply?
    Complete the short answer question on the application Download the Frich App and start engaging to earn points
  • 🏆How are scholarship winners chosen?
    Applicants will first be narrowed down based on how many points they acquire through the Frich app. If multiple students tie for having the highest number of points, applicants will then be narrowed down (and a winner will be selected) based on the quality and thoughtfulness of the written response to the short answer question.
  • 🔟How does the point system work?
    There are three ways you can earn points once you've downloaded the Frich App: Connect your bank account (50 points) Refer and/or invite a friend (30 points) Answer questions in our Question of the Day feature (5 points for each daily answer)

Ready? Apply now!

Path to Success - Application Form

Thank you. Good luck!

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