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Want to be a Frich Student Ambassador Influencer?

Hey Frichies! Have you ever wanted to live your dreams of being an influencer? Let’s be honest – we all pretend to repress this thought, but secretly would love to be an influencer. Well, here’s your chance. Join the Frich Student Ambassador Influencer program. The influencer program collaborates with students across the US to produce content for Instagram and TikTok. With your help, we will soon go viral.

What is the Program?

You will create content to post on your Instagram and/or TikTok to excite your community about Frich’s features & mission. We may also repost some of your captivating posts. All of our influencer collaborations are paid, as we’ll compensate you for your campaigns in exchange for your efforts. We aim to work with you on a long-term basis so that this program can become a real side hustle for our influencers with an ongoing income stream. And we focus on student influencers because they 100% get our target audience: Gen Z.

Benefits of the Program:

Besides the monetary motivation, you may be wondering “why does this benefit me?” You will get experience creating content for a fast-growing New York City startup in the FinTech space. It is a resume builder and a chance to enhance your social media marketing skills. If you are considering entering a field involving marketing for financial companies or building your own venture, this is the job for you.

The Influencer program is a great opportunity for networking amongst students in your career area of interest. You will join a community of students from universities all across the US and build relationships that will progress your personal goals as well. You can ask different students about tools to cultivate a successful campaign and gain insight into future career and intern opportunities.

Join us in spreading the word on Frich as the social money tool for Gen Z. Plus, the Student Influencer Program is easy to apply to!

To apply, email with a short introduction of who you are (1-2 sentences) and your Instagram and/or TikTok handle. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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