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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: What are others splurging on?

We all have that one guilty pleasure that we just can't help spending on. For me, it's going out to restaurants with friends - it brings me so much joy!

So this week let's talk about spending on guilty pleasures. There will be no shaming - money should be spent on things that bring us joy! At Frich we want to show you that money looks different for each of us, but you should never feel alone! There's always another person out there daydreaming about a new drop or planning what they'll order for dinner tonight. But as always - plan ahead and proceed in moderation🫶

This week we've partnered up with SELECT to offer you a free trial to unlock exclusive & unlimited benefits at over 1.3 million restaurants, hotels, brands, & more to allow you to splurge more consciously on the things you love!

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Here's what the Frichies said:

🚕 25% splurge on Ubers / Lyft

🥡🥢16% consider ordering food delivery their guilty pleasure

🍝🥂 38% said going out for drinks & restaurants is their guilty pleasure

🛍️ 22% splurge most on shopping

What's your guilty pleasure?😜

This one is so tough!!! Of course you want to go & of course it's going to cost way more than planned. We're all about having honest conversations with your friends about money and we're SO THRILLED to see that 58% of you would feel comfortable enough to tell your friends that you couldn't make the trip (37% would even openly share that it's because they can't afford it - we're so proud🥹🫶).

The rest of you would still go - 11% would put it on your credit card (proceed with caution!!!!) and 32% would make other sacrifices to afford the trip.

Hehehe, we all have that one friend... Here's the Frichie breakdown on Venmo etiquette:

😇73% - immediately!

🥸9% - I wait for them to remind me

🫠9% - depends on how much money I have left

😵‍💫9% - I take my time...

All we can say is - do to others what you would have them do to you😜

📣Okay, hot take - if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to go out. There!! We said it!!📣

67% of you said that you tip generously or based on service (39% always tip generously). The 11% that don't tip??? Time to cook at home.


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