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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: How to Split the Cost of Thanksgiving🍁

This Thanksgiving season we're thankful for all of you - thank you for being part of our Frich community!

We wish we could host a huge Friendsgiving dinner with all of you, but, in the meantime, let's get painfully honest - who should pay for what, when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving?

Regardless of who pays for your trip, make sure you do some research before you get those tickets. The holiday season is a busy travel period & airlines are earning big $$$ on you visiting your family members. If possible, plan & buy your tickets ahead and check sites like Hopper, Skyscanner and Google flights amongst many, many other options!

And when it comes to paying the price, 83% of Frichies cover their flights themselves while 17% said their family paid for their travel costs. Don't forget to say a big THANK YOU!🧡

One of our favorite traditions about Thanksgiving is Friendsgiving! It's a beautiful opportunity for you to invite your friends for a meal and express gratitude for your chosen family.

But, of course, hosting is not free. Not everyone has a big enough apartment to invite their friends to come over & it's not a given that you can afford to cook for multiple people, especially when you're still in college. And Frichies agree with this. About half wish they could host Friendsgiving but their apartment is too small, and about a quarter can't host because the cost of hosting is too high.

Remember, you can always host a potluck or have people pitch in for the cost! Don't be shy to communicate this, your friends will understand. The most important thing is to come together :)

Now this one is a bit more taboo. Of course, not everyone can afford to host a Friendsgiving dinner, but not everyone can host their family for Thanksgiving either... When we asked if our users pitch in with the cost of Thanksgiving, the answers were pretty split. Half of you pitch in to help your parents and the other half said that your parents cover everything. So if your family needs to scale down this year for the celebrations, remember you're not alone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We hope you get some rest & get the chance to spend time with your loved ones!


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