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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Halloween Edition🎃

The most asked question we receive is: how much should I be spending on going out? Want to hear the truth? There's no one right answer. But it's definitely helpful to see what others are spending...

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The average answer was $76. Our thoughts? Quality over quantity :) If it brings you joy, go and have a more ✨fancy✨ night out with your friends, but make sure you don't do it too often!

Make sure to think through how much you can actually afford on going out & don't forget to benchmark yourself against your peers in realtime using Frich's transaction benchmarking feature!

The average answer was $128! A follower on Instagram said that she thinks it's acceptable to spend a lot of money on going out during Halloween given how excited people are about their costumes. And to that we say - ABSOLUTELY! If you plan ahead, it's totally fine to splurge on the things you love🫶

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About half of you said that you opted in for cheaper options (smart!!👏). The rest were pretty equally distributed between: (1) they did everything they wanted to but really overspent, (2) they mostly stayed at home and (3) they did everything they wanted to!

Again -- if you love Halloween, you should absolutely go out & have the time of your life! Invest in the most ellaborate costume! Buy those tickets! Have those cocktails! But make sure to financially prepare for your favorite holiday so you don't wake up the next morning scared to look at your bank account...👻


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