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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: De-influencing📵

If you’ve been on social media recently, I’m sure you’ve heard about this new trend of de-influencing. At Frich, we want to influence you to be de-influenced! In the age of the influencer, de-influencing encourages consumers to prioritize thoughtful purchases, and engage in reflection before buying the newest random must-have you saw on Amazon.

Let’s see what your peers had to say about de-influencing⬇️

Surprisingly, over half of you don’t know what de-influencing is, but we think you should! Even if you don’t know what it is (or don’t agree with it🤭), we think everyone can utilize the ideas of conscious consumption and being a thoughtful spender! Check out this reel we created together with Krystell who explains de-influencing as a content creator herself.

75% of you have bought something as a result of social media, and that’s exactly why de-influencing is so important! We all fall for a well influenced product, but just make sure it’s something you actually need or have been looking for!

A great way to combat overconsumption and over-production of goods is by shopping secondhand! Happy to hear that over 70% of you shop second hand! Whether it's to save money or to help the environment (or to score a great deal on a vintage purse😅), shopping second-hand is another practice you can do along with the general ideas of de-influencing!

💌Feel free to send in your favorite spots for vintage finds and we'll feature you together with your recommendation! Email us at


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