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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Social life with nosh'd

We know that it can feel lonely whenever you're trying to save money - suddenly you can't join friends for dinners, go to a concert or join that fun group trip. So last week we partnered up with nosh'd to gift you $25 off your next meal! 🍣 Go have fun with your friends (and save money) on Frich! 🫶

Without further ado, let's jump in and see how people around you are navigating social life when on a tight budget!

Yikes, how embarrassing! The Frichie community was almost equally split between yes and no. So next time it happens (which we hope it doesn't!!!), remember that this little oopsie has happened to one in two people. So no biggie :)

The TLDR; pretty much everyone has felt it. 52% of you reported that you've felt the pressure and ended up spending beyond your budget; 19% felt the pressure but didn't go (we applaud you👏); and 29% said they haven't felt the pressure.

Our guess? It's probably because they're having honest conversations with their friends about money so they don't get pressure to do things they can't afford🥰 Remember - your friends are not your enemies, if they know you're going through a period when you're short on cash, they'll (hopefully) be mindful and won't pressure you to spend beyond your means!

This one's fun to know! The average answer was $92 but it of course varies based on where you live. To make sure you know how your spending compares to people in your area, make sure to check the app's Question of the Day daily! And make sure to check out our 'Compare' feature that lets you see category by category how your spending compares to your peers in your area and age group.

Now that you know the "magic" number, take our discount and have a delicious meal with your friends!😇


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