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No more gatekeeping. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about everyone else’s money habits. Right here. Save with the help of your community and reach those goals together. This is Frich.
Are you ready?


Ever catch yourself scrolling on social media and wondering, how on earth do people your age afford their lifestyle?
Well, we created a comparison tool that lets you have a sneaky peek into the finances of your peers,
Learn exactly how your spending, saving, investing and salary compares to people like YOU.

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You know, the one that has their sh*t together. Green juice every morning, journaling, daily walks. That sort of thing. Stay on top of your spending and create better habits to achieve your goals! With all in one check-ins you'll always have a clear overview of where your money goes.

Because we're making money social. You and your friends spend together, so why not save together? Keep each other accountable and achieve those goals together! Throw a tomato when you see them indulging in a bad habit, or applaud them for staying on track!

There’s nothing we love more than bringing you incredible deals for the products you love! Browse through the best VIP, food, beauty and many other perks and never pay full price again!

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