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Why YOUR brand should partner with Frich

Let’s Make a Partnership Success Story

Do you love Frich? Then, let’s make this mutual love of each other and tie the professional knot. Frich has many successful partnerships that contribute to the identity of the app you know and love. You can be our next supporter!

Current successful partnerships:

Frich works with various companies to present beneficial opportunities to our Gen Z audience. With MealPal, we offer discounts on lunches for Frich users. We use our stories on the app to promote Audo, a career learning service. Need new soft-sustainable clothing? We got you with our partnership with Jambys. Have you ever wanted an easy, nonintimidating platform to invest? We promote Alinea to our users. Many Frich users would have an interest in investing, so this partnership is one of our many perfect matches.

Why should you partner with us?

Partnering with Frich will give your business an easy and efficient segway of promotion to our student network at prestigious schools in the US, such as New York University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Florida. We offer our partners both digital and on the ground marketing. You can choose if you want your business to be promoted directly on the app, in our newsletters, directly on these campuses, or all of the above!

By becoming a Frich sponsor, we will promote our collaboration through the stories feature on Frich. We provide our partners with our in-house top of the notch designs by the Frich marketing team and will help engage thousands of students and young professionals, who have high spending power, with your product or service.

We choose our partnerships with care to align with Frich’s impactful mission. We only work with brands and companies we 100% believe would be a great fit for our audience. We want to launch campaigns that would drive conversations amongst Frichies. We seek partnerships that will truly benefit our users and have a mission statement that corresponds to the social and moral standards we set at Frich. Frich can help you acquire students with our unique in-person campus marketing strategy. We have built a customer acquisition machine when it comes to on the ground marketing at leading university campuses. We’re always looking to partner with Gen Z focused food & beverage companies that want to get in front of their target audience without having to build their own campus growth channel (we know exactly how much works it takes👀)

So, let’s make it official. Join us. Together, let’s work together to thrive.


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