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  • Aleksandra Medina

Who are beta testers?

Part of what makes Frich what it is today is our commitment to serving our audience. Too often we are forced to conform to the old ways of doing things because product leaders don't care about us. We believe that a product should serve you; and the best way to do that? Hearing directly from you.

So, if you love sharing your ideas and want to get into product, we want you on our team! What we do: Beta testers are app users who provide feedback and recommendations on our current product, reviewing everything from our user interface to new feature ideas. The beta testing team at Frich is the key to new product development within the app. Who we are: Beta testers are Frich users that are committed to our mission of bringing financial confidence to all. The team is made up of primarily Gen Z users who believe Frich’s mission statement resonates with their values. How it works: Beta testers have been the cornerstone of continuously improving Frich and their suggestions represent the prime demographic of our users: YOU! Honest feedback is the crux of a successful beta testing. Our beta testers are invited to speak freely, honestly, and candidly about everything Frich––all constructive feedback is welcome. How can you join: Interested in being a beta tester? We welcome you with open arms! DM us on Instagram for more information. A huge thank you to our team of Frich Beta testers! We appreciate your commitment to make Frich the best it can be. Stay tuned for what's to come next––tried and true by our beta testers.


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