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Still not sure what career you want?

What’s your dream job? Everybody always seems to ask this question and expects you to know the answer. How are you supposed to know what the answer to that question is? There are so many different career paths. How do you choose one?

Introducing Profesh! Profesh is a career education platform built for Gen Z. Explore career options and insights, all in bite-sized content of less than 3 minutes.

What is Profesh?

Have you ever gone down a Google search rabbit hole reading long, outdated blogs just to figure out what consulting is? Now, you do not have to. Just use Profesh. Profesh is your personal guide to the professional world. Profesh will help you explore different careers, learn new skills, or even prepare for an interview. You can now figure out what your dream job is and then go get it! Profesh offers a fun, authentic career guide to help you understand and succeed in the professional world. Profesh answers all the questions about careers you wish you had learned in your college education.

How does it work?

Profesh gathers information from real people to give you honest advice. It does not contain corporate propaganda or negativity found on online forums. Learn from industry experts and interact with curious professionally ambitious people like yourself that work for companies like Goldman Sach, Meta, Blackrock, and McKinsey.

Pick a career you want to explore. Then, pick a learning goal you want to achieve. Next, complete lessons designed by experts in your chosen field to build your knowledge. And lastly, land your dream role.

The learning lessons are about 15 minutes each. Skip around to view the content most relevant to you. You can use Profesh whenever you want – just as you use TikTok or Duolingo.

Why should I use Profesh?

Profesh will be the older sibling you never had. You will become an expert about anything in the professional world. Profesh users learn in 25% of the time and average a $10K salary increase. You will improve your interview skills and have all the information to make smart career decisions and build your dream lifestyle. Profesh collects statistics and summarizes articles to make your ease your exploration of the professional world.

Make your life easier and get the necessary advice to put yourself ahead in the professional world. Your dream job is waiting for you!


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