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Ready. Steady. Go.

Want to make more money? Yes, you do. But you shouldn’t have to work harder just to find the right source of income to fit your lifestyle. There is actually a much easier way to start earning what you deserve, and reach your financial goals. Let us introduce you to your next successful side-hustle and our proud partner: Steady. Steady members can earn an average $5,500 more in yearly income.

What is Steady?

Steady is a mobile app that will help you discover new ways to earn income. You can work full-time jobs, part-time jobs, or find a side gig. Steady is a fast and easy way to stuff extra cash into your back pocket. Steady also tracks your income, explains your financial habits, and provides cash-back opportunities. Steady members get personalized recommendations of how to increase their income. Steady ensures effective benefits for members who want to find ways to generate more income. Steady community members also have access to emergency cash grants and many more cash incentives. Steady’s income Boosters have already provided over $15M paid directly to Steady members. Get access to handpicked opportunities to earn extra cash incentives through our trusted partners while you improve your financial health!

How do I join? What is required? What will I do?

Steady has a fast sign-up process that will ask you about the jobs you are looking for, your location, your methods of transportation, your availability, your level of experience, and your interests. Within minutes you can find a financially benefitting opportunity. Members can choose when to accept certain opportunities. You do not need a resume to join! However, more exclusive jobs may suggest you upload something explaining your experience. Overall, there are tons of options for jobs across the platform!

Steady x Frich

Frich helps you save while Steady helps you earn. We’ve partnered with Steady to introduce you to new opportunities for various ways of earning income that suit you. And what is more, Steady will also help you hack Frich’s Money Secrets feature. So, stop what you're doing and download the app that will benefit your bank account.

Learn more about Steady through their website:


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