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Meet the Feature That Makes Budgeting a Breeze

There is no better feeling than checking your bank account and seeing you have been paid. Yet, somehow by the end of the month, that pay check disappears and you cannot figure out where that money went. It seems liking breathing costs $20. Where does all of our money go?!

This problem has an easy solution: introducing Frich Budgets! Budgeting may sound intimating. You may be wondering how to even begin. Frich breaks it down for you. Budgeting is now easy, fast, and fun.

What is the Budgets Feature?

The Budgets features will give you a clear overview of all your spending, neatly categorized. This personalized spending analysis will help you discover what is draining your bank account the most. After you connect your bank account, we will divide your expense into one of our seven spending categories. Once setting up your budgets (with the help of Frich recommendations), we create easily visuals so you can track your progress in each of the categories.

Customize your Budgets:

Start by clicking on one of the seven spending categories. To help you choose your desired budget amount for each category, we show you the amount you spent last month, the average spending of users on Frich (and how that compares to your spending last month), a 10% deduction in your spending, or let you input your desired budget through the edit button.

Total Distribution and Tracking:

Once creating your budgets, you can easily review them by looking at your budget distribution. We reveal the percentage each category takes up of your final budget. Now, go back to the home page and track your spending progress. The top progress bar reveals your overall spending in each category. Then, we break down your budget spending progress in each category.

With Frich, you can finally create a budget without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You choose how you want to spend your money and we will help you keep track. Start using the budgets feature to know where every dollar of your paycheck goes. Financial responsibility has never been so easy!


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