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Meet our official sponsor - Tony Chocoloney!

We all grew up watching and ideologizing the chocolate fantasy world in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Frich is a proud partner of Tony Chocoloney – the sponsor of our Frich NYC pop-up events. Eating a Tony Chocoloney chocolate bar brings us back to the times we would spend hours trick-or-treating just to feel the sensation of the melted chocolate on our tongues. Yet, besides being the most delicious piece of chocolate, we love Tony Chocoloney for their mission to improve the chocolate industry.

Impactful mission:

Tony Chocoloney is committed to lead by example and revolutionize the chocolate industry. Most chocolate farmers are exploited, creating illegal child labor and cases of modern slavery throughout the cocoa industry. It is astonishing that such an enjoyable treat is built of an inhumane establishment. At Frich, we aim to partner with sustainable brands and companies in order to help you better your spending while supporting the greater good of the world. Tony Chocoloney is 100% fairtrade chocolate. Enjoy your chocolate and feel good about your choice of a sustainable brand!


A major problem in the chocolate industry is that the system of modern slavery is swept under the rug. Why is it not common knowledge of the horrible treatment of laborers in the cocoa industry? Tony Chocoloney inspires a larger conversation about how a brand can be successful without exploitation. By investing in educating chocolate farmers about agricultural productivity to decrease slave labor, Tony Chocoloney helps farmers find strategies to earn a decent income while eliminating inhuman practices.

The fight continues:

Tony Chocoloney is devoted to changing the typical practice of the chocolate industry by creating a new norm of slave-free labor. Besides helping you budget, here at Frich, we want to educate you on how you spend your money can have a lasting impact. At Frich, we aim to help you become more conscious of your spending habits, so we also want to show you show you where your money is going.

Spend wisely and ethically both financially and socially!


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