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How to: Birthday on a Budget

Birthdays are supposed to be a fun, celebratory day of the year. However, as we are now adults, there can be more to stress about than to celebrate. Spending money and getting older – yikes! So, here are some ways to make your next birthday celebration exciting and inexpensive. Let’s reinstate the childhood joy of birthdays!

Stay in!

Your birthday extravaganza does not need to occur in a fancy club - throw a party in your home! Connect your computer to the TV and have a karaoke night. All your friends will have so much fun singing when the outside world cannot hear them. Or, turn your kitchen into the next viral baking show. Bake cakes in advance, buy icing and other interesting but cheap toppings and divide your guests into teams. The competition will get intense, and the winner gets to design the cake you will make your wish on for the following year.

Additionally, you can never go wrong with a theme party. Dress code: red T-shirts - everyone writes their red flag on their shirt. Dress code: your favorite Taylor Swift era. But what about food and drinks? Stay simple for food options. Serve a few extra large pizzas. Have everyone bring dip and make your party a dip night. Drinks are complicated because the price starts to add up.

Go out (during the day)!

A daytime affair requires less entertainment than a nighttime affair. Take your friends for a picnic in the park. You can serve snacks and cake, listen to music, and enjoy the scenery. You could also create a scavenger hunt as an activity to find your lovely picnic. You can go to a cool market, where everyone would buy their own food and just hang out in a new environment.

Go out (at night)!

If you insist on having a nighttime bash, here’s how to do it. Go to happy hour: cheaper drinks and cheaper food. Especially a happy hour at a family-style restaurant, so they will give you big portions. Most karaoke bars are pretty inexpensive.

We can’t take the stress away of getting older, but we can take away all the birthday spending anxiety. Be creative when planning your next birthday celebration!


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