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Here's how to succeed in 2023

The year has come to an end and that means two things: your feed flooding with your friends' 2022 wrap-up videos, and the pressure of picking your 2023 New Year's resolution (which you'll undoubtedly abandon by January 14th). If, however, the look back on your friends' adventures and achievements has left you feeling a little unaccomplished this year, let us help you become the best version of YOU in 2023 (and 2024 and 2025 and.. you get the gist).

What's so special about 2023?!

Not much really, it's mostly just symbolic. But, for some reason it gives us the sudden urge to turn a new leaf and FINALLY get our life together, to achieve all those things we never managed to. Kind of like that random 2AM cleaning spree. Use this momentum to imagine the best version of yourself. There's a few ways to do this.

Like to get creative? Try this.

Cliché, we know, but there's SOMETHING about vision boards. If you're someone that likes to let their imagination fly, or gets carried away with detailed day dreams, you'll really enjoy creating your own vision board. Vision boards help you set and prioritize your goals and intentions for the year ahead. It's a great tool to help you get motivated about achieving your goals. After all, who doesn't like to imagine themselves living out their dreams? Here's how to create yours:

1. Reflect on yourself and the past year. It's gonna get more fun in the next step, we promise. Take this time to look back at 2022 and think about all the things you achieved, and the things you wish you could have achieved. Consider which habits and actions worked for you, and which ones failed you. 2. Set goals and priorities for 2023. Ok, getting more exciting now. What does your dream life look like? What does the best version of yourself look like? It's kind of like writing fan fiction about yourself. Make a mental (or physical!) note of the things that excite you about your potential future. 3. Time to visualize! Now, it's time for the fun part. Collect and save images (and words!) that embody your goals. You can be as literal as you like, but the important thing is what the images represent to YOU. We like to use Pinterest to find our images, and Canva to collate them into a board. 4. Create a constant reminder. Once you are happy with your masterpiece, we recommend using it as your computer or phone background - this way you will always have a reminder of the goals you've set for yourself.

Like to be organized? Try this.

If collating pretty pictures isn't for you, but you're still looking to plan your list of future achievements in a more structured way, then try this method instead!

Grab a piece of paper (or maybe even a dedicated notebook) and repeat the 1st and 2nd step from the previous exercise! 3. Divide and conquer. Because what is organizing without the compartmentalising?! Think about the different sectors of your life and note down the ones you would like to work on. For example: health, career, finances, home, relationships, hobbies etc. Create a space in your notes for these sectors and start noting down your goals for each of them one by one. This way you'll have a clear overview of all of your plans and priorities 4. Create a constant reminder. Keep your notes at arm's reach, whether that's by your bedside, next to your coffee maker or with you in your everyday bag - this way you will always have a reminder of the goals you've set for yourself.

Now what?

That's enough homework for this year. Whether you decided to create a vision board, or structure all your 2023 goals - let's end it on a high note. Check back soon to learn how to set a plan of action!


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