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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Venmo Etiquette

Unspoken rules are all around us, but what if we just... spoke about them? Crazy, I know...but that's Frich😜

We love some guidelines on how to handle money with friends. So let's break down everyone's Venmo expectations. Does your friend expect you to Venmo back for that coffee? Is it annoying to remind someone to Venmo you back? Let's see what the people around you think the unofficial Venmo etiquette should be ⬇️

There's no right or wrong answer here so all we can do is get an anonymous insight on what most people believe. When it comes to Venmo requesting a friend -> 11% always Venmo request, no matter the amount (we salute your bravery🫡); 39% wait for the friend to remember to pay them and 50% Venmo request only if it's a significant amount.

This one goes well with the previous question, which is why there shouldn't be anything wrong about just sending that Venmo request!!! We're all busy so it's natural your friend could just genuinely forget to pay you back.

But... would your friend remind you that they owed you money? Let's see what Frichies said about that. 9% wouldn't remind you (ooop, that's almost 1 in 10 people!!!); 55% would remind you only if it was a significant amount; 36% said "yes, of course"!

Our conclusion? With only one third truthfully reminding you each time - send that Venmo request before you forget!

Should you or should you not Venmo request small amounts of money? The Frichie community was pretty much split 50/50 on this one. So honestly - just go with your gut. If you hang out with this person often enough, maybe there's no need to pay back for each coffee and you can just keep a mental tab on whose turn it is to pay. If you don't know the next time you'll see this person, consider just Venmo requesting.


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