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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Valentine's Day❤️

Ahh Valentine's Day...The day of chocolates, roses, overpriced prix fixe dinners and champagne. But anyone who has ever been single during Valentine's Day, has felt a faint annoyance about Cupid's special day (tbh even when you're in a relationship). Just like New Year's Eve, Halloween and 4th of July, it just seems to always be about making sure that you have the most exciting plans, making this special day more stressful than enjoyable. But that might just be me...👀 Let's see how romantic Frichies were feeling last week!

Let's be honest here - it's almost always obvious how much time, money & effort has gone into a gift. And even though we might hate to admit it, we all notice it. But do most people care? Here's the rundown: 18% said that it matters to them how much their partner spends on Valentine's Day; and 82% said that the effort & time spent matters more to them.

Check out what our team said on Instagram!

Gifting is a delicate art, especially when there are so many expectations. Lots of people had opinions on what our team thinks but let's jump straight into what Frichies voted. 6% believe that just the guy should get the gift, 82% think that both partners should get a gift and 12% think that Valentine's Day gifts are overrated.

Our tip? Ask your partner what they expect! Last thing you'd want to do is let down your Valentine on Cupid's special day🥺 But maybe ask a few weeks / a month beforehand and not on February 13th...

Speaking of delicate situations😬 Is getting a Valentine's Day gift the ultimate gesture? Or is it just kinda weird? Here's what the people have voted - half said a definite no. That's fair. A Valentine's Day gift can have a lot of connotations if you're not interested in a relationship AND at the same time it can feel a bit forced if you are hoping to make a grand gesture and make it official. For the rest - 29% are hopeless romantics and believe a Valentine's Day gift is just the right thing to cement a relationship and 21% would get something symbolic just to avoid any awkwardness.

Anywaysssss, Valentine's Day is behind us so whether you celebrated with your significant other, your besties or hung out by yourself watching Titanic, we hope you stocked up on some discounted heart shaped chocolates on February 15th🍫


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