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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: The Wins and Losses of 2023✍️

January is a great time to get your money in order. From setting financial goals, to hustling to earn more, money is a central focus for many in the new year.  But what can we do to help us achieve our financial dreams? Should you invest in stocks more? Get another job? Change careers?

But (arguably) more important than setting new habits, is recognizing and growing out of some of the bad habits of last year. We’re here to help you by providing an insight into what your friends and peers are gearing up to.

So, without further ado, let’s break down the wins and losses of 2023!


Averaged to 56.7k🤯 You guys have some big goals this year, and we love to see that! To make your goals more manageable, we recommend to break it up into smaller portions, so you can get closer to achieving that safety net.

Monthly savings goals is a great step for you to check in with yourself and see how you’re doing. But that being said, keep your goals realistic so you don't end up beating yourself up this time next year! And if you need any help, check out our favorite money influencer Haley Sacks.

Most of you want to invest in stocks this year, which is great! However, some of you don’t think you’re ready to start investing either. Investing can be really scary and intimidating, and there's no shame in feeling that way. 

Instead of jumping into investing directly, start investing some time into learning about stocks and investing practices (see what we did there😜). This way, you can build confidence and knowledge to be a smart and hopefully successful investor. You can start with our Investing Course that we built together with our fav money coach Kristina.

It’s time to take a look at the bad habits now. 😭 Over 70% of your peers agreed overspending on unnecessary stuff was their biggest money struggle. The first step to change is acknowledgement! So being aware this is an issue is the first step to making a change.

Instead of making an impulse purchase, a great strategy I love to use is making a wish list. If it’s something you still want in a few weeks, or months, then you can make the purchase with confidence. 😌

And if you're unsure whether you're overspending on a certain category, try out our Compare feature on the app. It will break down category by category how much you're spending and show you how much your peers spent in that same category. Read a bit more about it here & let's get f-rich in 2024!!!


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