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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: The Real Cost of TikTok Fashion Trends

It seems like there’s always a new TikTok trend taking over the internet by storm. The newest, latest and greatest trend taking over from the “clean girl” aesthetic is the “mob wife” aesthetic. What does this even mean? Slicked back buns, simple gold hoops, and athleisure is kicked to the curb for the excess and relaxed luxury of the “mob wives” aesthetic. Think fur, messy blowouts, and smudged makeup, etc. But with fur making a comeback this winter season, there are a lot of questions surrounding the ethics and cost of the trend. Are your favorite influencers wearing real or fake fur? Or are they sourcing real fur that’s vintage? How much do these coats cost? At Frich, we want to help you demystify the finances surrounding these trends. So, let’s dive in! ⬇️ 

The most controversial question surrounding the mob wives aesthetic is the ethics of fur! Your peers were pretty split up across the board. About 40% said you’d never wear fur, even if it was second hand. The rest were about evenly split between being okay with fur, buying secondhand fur, or only wearing faux fur. I think it shows how diverse opinions are when it comes to sustainability and ethics surrounding different elements in fashion. For example, do we see these same opinions with leather? 

With the relaxed luxury of mob wives comes expensive jackets! But around 40% of your peers said they preferred their $100 jackets over expensive brand coats. About 30% of Frichies thought a pricey coat is worth the money. But, at the end of the day, as long as you’re warm, find a jacket you enjoy! (And maybe try to find a style that won’t be deemed “unstylish” after one winter season😉) 

64% of you said you’d cancel on a friend due to bad weather! As a chronic people pleaser and a New Yorker, I find this so surprising, and I would feel so bad to do this to someone. At the same time, I’m secretly happy when this happens to me, cause no one wants to go out in the cold! Guess that’s a good tip for saving money – move to a colder place 😅 


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