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  • Simona Kalachov

Frich Insights: Subscriptions And Nights Out 🍸

Subscriptions are convenient, but considering the number of subscription services across sectors, if you’re the type of person to have video streaming, music, food delivery, AND beauty subscriptions, they can quickly add up, and sometimes you may even forget that you’ve subscribed to a particular service.

It's essential to evaluate which subscriptions truly add value to your life, and if you’re looking to cut down costs, we recommend RocketMoney. RocketMoney makes it easier to track all your subscriptions and cancel any unwanted ones.

Socializing is crucial, but overspending can lead to financial strain, especially when you have a financial goal you’re working towards.

With the Frich app, you can track how much you spend monthly on entertainment & dining out, and develop a budget using that as a guide. Set a budget for each outing and stick to it. Look for deals, happy hours, or free events to enjoy without blowing your budget.

Understanding your spending patterns can help you budget better. For many, summer tends to be the priciest season, followed by winter. This varies from person to person, of course, so identify the season when your personal expenses tend to spike.

If you're the type of person to take long or multiple summer/winter trips, you can save some $$ on flights using SkyScanner, they even have student discounts!

Most users answered ‘Getting approved for apartments’ and ‘Low-interest rates for future spending’

As we’ve discussed on the Frich blog before, having a strong credit score opens doors to better financial opportunities such as future loans, and mortgages, having an easier time applying for apartments and receiving credit card perks!

Paying your bills on time is the foundation of a good credit score. Avoid maxing out your credit cards and keep your credit utilization low; below 30% of your credit limit is the recommended amount).

A mix of different types of credit can also positively impact your score; CreditStrong allows you to build multiple lines of credit while saving!


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