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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Spring Break☀️

We did it!! It's March & we've survived through the worst parts of the winter. This also means everyone and their sister's neighbor's dog are going on a trip somewhere and drinking a cocktail next to a pool or a beach. Call us nosy but there's one thing we keep on wondering as we scroll through everyone's Instagrams - how are they affording it?🤔

And we can't possibly be the only ones that find organizing and going on large group trips a little bit...anxiety inducing. Spoiler alert: it's not just us.

To put it on your credit card or to not? That is the question.

Almost no one said that they would come up with a fake excuse and stay at home & 68% said that they'd admit to their friends they can't afford this trip and would propose an alternative. That's VERY good! It's important to feel like you can be honest in your friendships!🫶 For the 6% of you who said that you'll just put it on your credit card and pray for the best - we'll keep you in our prayers. But can we just offer a piece of advice? Spring break trips, Thanksgiving flights and Christmas travels are predictable expenses that come up almost every year so plan ahead! Put aside a little each month so you don't get heart palpitations after your next Spring Break trip.

There was a surprise though - 25% said that they'd sell a designer item to cover the trip. We didn't realize that so many of you had such valuable designer items. But, at least according to research, this seems to be a pretty smart choice. Experiences are proven to bring you more joy than items.

Here's the breakdown of how your peers would navigate this situation - 13% would go but pretend to not be hungry and skip the meal, 63% would tell your friends that they can't afford it & would offer an alternative, 6% would secretly ask their bestie to cover for them, and 19% would go anyways.

Check out what our team said here!

A third of you are what we aspire to be - you've planned for everything & are ready to go! 61% feel a bit anxious about the cost but are still excited to go; and 6% are freaking out about the cost and ready to drop out any minute.

For those of you who are currently freaking about the cost - you're not the only ones!!! Here is literal proof that there are others in your situation. Consider speaking up and seeing if you can decrease the cost. Chances are that another one of your friends is feeling the same way. & at the end of the day, the goal is for everyone to just spend time together and have fun! You can't do that if you're worried you might not be able to pay for rent next month...


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