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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Should you follow your heart?

Ever wondered what people around you prioritize? Do people even follow their hearts these days? Or just the invisible hand of the market?🤔

Since most of you are in the beginnings of your adult lives, you face a lot of decisions - major, career, zip code... But how should you be making these decisions?

The TL;DR we can't tell you what you should be doing, but we sure can show you what others are doing!

So how are your peers picking their careers? Passion? Money? Impact? Grabbing the first thing avaialble? Here's the breakdown - 55% prioritize passion for the field, while 45% optimize for how much they could earn. We get it - telling you that people are basically 50/50, was probably the least helpful thing we could do 😅 But hey - if you ever feel down about the state of Gen Z'ers entering the job market - at least you know that half of us are following our hearts 🥰

It seems like post graduation anything is possible (and it is!). You could move to the Mediterranean and embrace the art of ✨slow living✨ or you could earn big & spend even bigger in NYC.

So which one is it? How do people pick which city to live in?

36% move to the city they like the most, 16% try to stay close to their friends, and 48% will follow the best job they can get. So now you know! If you're feeling stuck in your job search, consider looking for jobs in other cities. It could be the beginning of something new & exciting! You can move to a new city, knowing that almost half of young people would do the same. Maybe you can even become friends☺️

Let's say you're in the very lucky position of having multiple job offers and you're trying to weigh them to make the best decision for you. What should you optimize for?

We can't tell you what you should be doing, but we can show you how others would approach this decision.

38% would take the job offer with the highest salary, 35% would accept the one that fits their values the most, and 27% would join the best team.

That doesn't mean these are the only things worth considering. When weighing a job offering, you should compare the things that matter the most to you - whether it's career growth opportunities, WFH flexibility, office location or health care benefits.


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