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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: Planning For New Years Eve🥂

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.... except for the fact that it’s super busy! 😭

Between Boxing Day sales, spending time with family, preparing for the new year, and celebrating New Year’s Eve, there’s always too much to do! On top of that, you have to make tough decisions on what to spend on and what to skip to save.

Managing finances is particularly difficult when these events revolve around spending time with your family and friends, which is really the most important part of the holiday break. Our job at Frich is to help you de-stress your finances, so you can enjoy yourself during the holidays, and spend your time doing things you enjoy! So let's dive into the most asked questions this week ⬇️

If you didn’t spend on Boxing Day, whether you were all shopped out, or if you didn’t have any money left, don’t worry cause you weren’t the only one! About 75% of Frichies said they wouldn’t be spending during Boxing Day, with a quarter saying they've already spent over their budgets and the rest reporting that they've bought everything they need.

We hope you've been spending mindfully this holiday season ignoring the temptations surrounding you😌


It’s tough to decide whether to spend money on visiting family or traveling, and your peers were split on this! Half of you prioritized going to see family during this holiday season, a third picked trips with friends and 17% chose to go on solo trips.

Whether you had to see your family while you wanted to take a trip, or vice versa, we hope you had a fulfilling break! 

About 40% said they don’t have plans for NYE. 


If you watched the ball drop from your parent’s couch, don’t feel bad! About 40% of your peers also stayed home, feeling that going out on NYE wasn’t worth the money (tbh we kinda feel like NYE should be canceled - the expensive cover charges, overpriced drinks and loooong lines are just not worth it). We’re glad you got to save! And for those who wanted to spend the money, we’re hope you had a great time celebrating and found a way to manage your budget! Happy New Year! We're so excited for the year ahead together❤️



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