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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: Paying for Your Education

2024 for the plot! But between school, work, and everything else, it's tough to juggle it all, while still managing to get out there for the plot! Money obviously plays a huge role in the way you live your life.

We want to help you demystify the money questions that everyone is too afraid to ask, and also provide you the resources to help. For example, is college even worth the money with the way the job market is today? Let’s dive in to see what your peers answered to all of your burning questions! 


70% of you thought that education is important but is currently too expensive. Despite the fact that the job market for young grads is pretty rough, most people agree in the value of education, and how it can help your career. On the flip side, social media is constantly showcasing success that people have been able to reach without education. Finding out your path is most important, but if you’re taking on big debt for school right now, just remember that most people think education is worth it, even including your future employer! 

Around 60% of you would love to know how your friends pay for school but are too afraid to ask. We saw similar trends in people's answers to questions about compensation in the workplace. People want to talk about finances but are too afraid to do so. Try finding even one trusted friend to talk to, and that can open up the floodgates from there! Remember - most of us are wondering about the same things :)

An overwhelming majority of you (86%) agreed that you would still go to school even if you won the lottery. Despite the fact that students obviously love to complain about school, we really do value its importance. I's probably why many people still choose to go to school, despite the fact that higher education has such a high price tag.



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