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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: One Year of Asking Money Questions🎂

Can you believe it? We've now officially asked more than a year's worth of money questions. Wild, right??? But you know what's even crazier? We still have SO MANY QUESTIONS WAITING TO BE ASKED.

So to celebrate this milestone, we're giving you a gift (I know, that's how nice we are). We've combed through 300+ questions and re-asked seven of your favorite questions we've featured thus far. Without furter ado, let's jump straight into it! ⬇️

Speaking of birthdays and celebrations... When is it too soon (or too late 👀) to start gifting gifts? Should gifts be exclusive to exclusive relationships only? (See what we did there? Hehehe) Here's what you think⬇️

27% would not get a gift for someone they're not in a relationship with, 32% would definitely get them a gift, 33% would get them something small, and 5% would only get a gift for their birthday.

What does that mean? If you're not planning on gifting something to your special someone, you're in the minority and their feelings might get hurt. Do with this knowledge what you want but you can't tell us you didn't know.

Ahhh... nothing is as fun as speculating about others instead of just asking them😂

So, this is what you think of your friends: 17% think that most of their friends come from wealth, 10% think about half of them have wealthy families, 57% are confident at least a few of their friends have inheritances, and only 17% of you think that none of your friends have family wealth to fall back on.

May we suggest something? Instead of just picking up on context clues (which often can be very misleading), why don't you just try to talk about it openly? Right place, right time obvi.

Le sigh. In this economy??? Unfortunately, right now is a particularly tough job market for recent graduates (nearly 8% of 20-24 y/o are unemployed compared to 6.3% last year. FYI that's the biggest jump in 14 years).

This doesn't mean that we would recommend you to sacrifice your sanity for a stable paycheck, but that does mean that you should think twice before Slacking your boss that you quit to spend more time on ✨finding yourself✨.

Anywans, we digress.. Here's what other Frichies think. 46% would stay in the job, 28% would stay for a short period of time, and 26% don't think the paycheck is worth it.

Btw if you do decide to look for a new job, check out our Professional Package that will walk you through all the do's and dont's for your job search!


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