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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Money & Sins

Most of us have a bad habit that we've tried to get rid of for a long, long time. More accurately, 68% of Frichies have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of a bad habit to save money for a while. BUT that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about money (duuh!!) While most bad habits harm our physical or mental health in one way or another, they also tend to cost us a LOT of money.

So, if you've ever felt awkward talking to your friends about your bad habits, imagine asking them how much they spend on theirs. That's where we step in. So let's go!!! ⬇️

We gave you four choices & that's the order Frichies ranked them in - smoking / vaping, fast food, alcohol and gambling. That's that. We're not here to judge. But now you know.

Why did we ask this question on a week about money & sins? Well there's a couple of reasons. First, most people spend money on "bad habits" to subdue sadness. Second, we've seen a very strong correlation between financial insecurity and poor mental health. So one could assume that if people felt more financially secure, they'd feel better mentally and wouldn't need to [insert bad habit] away their sadness. Take this one step further & we're basically asking one very taboo question - can money buy happiness?

You guys were pretty equally split on this one, leaning a little more towards yes.

With sports betting getting more and more popular, we want to get a pulse check on how many of you are into it. Again - this is a judgment free zone - we're just curious 👀

So here's the breakdown - 19% have tried gambling apps a few times, 4% use them from time to time, 3% bet quite regularly, and 74% have never tried them.

Proceed with caution! We care about you - so, even though, we would never judge - we want you to stay safe & take care of yourselves❤️

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