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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Love, sex & money

If you've been around for a while, you'll know that the majority of the Frich team is female (including the founders👯). And the person writing this blog post is a woman too. And oftentimes the Questions of the Day are written by women too...

We're here to bring up conversations that have been avoided for way too long & reflect the honest thoughts that our community has. And guess what - our community is full of young and ambitious people looking to change the status quo.

And as I write this blog post on Valentine's Day - we thought why not talk about love, romance, sex & money in a way we haven't openly done before! Let's reflect on what Frichies answered to the most taboo questions🔥

Advocating for a prenup doesn't mean you don't believe in your marriage. There. We said it. And we'll say it again and again and again. Listen, if all goes well, you'll never need it. And if it doesn't, you'll be thankful you signed a prenup so a tough situation doesn't become even tougher.

And we are so happy to see that 70% of you wouldn't consider getting married without a prenup! We know it's a tough conversation & somewhat of a taboo topic to bring up but we're happy to see the conversation changing.

There are a lot of diverging opinions on this topic (think: anything to do with OnlyFans). Some people think that monetizing your sexuality is feminist, while others think the opposite. We're not going to state our opinions here; if anything we always stay non-judgmental. But it's still fun to see what the community thinks about selling foot pics for $$$.

43% said that they'd do it, about half was grossed out about the idea & the rest have already done it👀 Wonder what the asking price for a foot pic is....

We've all day-dreamed about being a trophy wife / husband but how many people would actually go for it? Here's what the Frichie community said: 10% would quit immediately, 60% would be too anxious to quit (what if something happened to the relationship?) and 30% would consider quitting if they got married. Make sure to review the prenup though👀


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