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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Inheritance, property, children & careers

It's hard to know how you're doing if you can't compare yourself to others. That's the entire reason Frich exists - how can you know if you need to take action if you don't even know how you're doing??

So sometimes you just want a vibe check to see how you're doing compared to others. And who knows? Maybe you're doing a lot better than you thought 😉

Here's how you guys feel - 27% are excited about their futures but worried about money at the same time; 21% are mostly worried (🥺); 22% are sure they'll figure everything out; and 29% feel confident financially, but are worried about other things.

So what's the takeaway?

To some extent, everyone is worried so try to go easy on yourself :) But for those of you who said that you're really worried - please reach out to us ( and let us know how we can help!! Our goal is to get you the tools and knowledge you need to be f*ckin rich (in assets, experiences & relationships)❤️

More than half said that you're not sure if you will inherit anything. That's not an ideal answer - you want to know if it's a yes or a no. We know these conversations can be really uncomfortable to have with your family. Don't worry, we're one step ahead of you! The Frich team has put together a list of questions we believe everyone should have with their parent to have a stronger relationship. Check out our short video on IG here!

As for the rest of you - 38% said that your parents have already told you that you'll be inheriting property, and 2% have already inherited it.

So now that you know that most of us are stressed about something, here's a look into the deepest, darkest fears that keep your friends awake at night.

More than a third of you stay up at night worrying about the trajectory of your careers and salaries; another third worries about their current financial situation; 23% worry about their chances of ever getting to a point where they'll be able to afford large purchases (such as a home or a car); and 9% of you worry about paying off your loans.

We just want to say that our newsletter & the app are great resources for tools and tips for each of these areas, and here are free 20-min courses to crush these anxieties:

And don't be a stranger - subscribe to our newsletter using the button below! 🥰


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