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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Gender Expectations

One of the reasons why we do these weekly recaps is because we want to give you an opportunity to get a pulse check on some of the most uncomfortable questions you might ask. In reality you either (1) don't ever ask these questions, or (2) ask two of your closest friends, limiting your reality to a small sample size. That's where we jump in!

Sometimes we ask questions that let you see how you compare to your peers in important areas of your life such as your career, financial habits and future goals. In those weeks we pour in a lot of effort to curate a list of tailored resources to help out those of you that realize they're falling behind.

But some weeks we're honestly just really curious what you think about some of the most awkward money questions we can come up with. This is one of those weeks. And if it helps you avoid an awkward situation, that's fantastic! If it just makes you roll your eyes or giggle a little, that's awesome too.

Anyways, let's ask the question plaguing today's modern woman - are we no longer feminists if we want you to pay for our drink?

About a third of you said yes! Now you know. Your friend's girlfriend probably won't think you're hitting on her if you offer to pay for her drink. Chances are, she might actually be offended if you don't. But here's our follow-up question: in this economy, is it fair to expect someone to pay for your drink if you're not dating??? 😅

43% said totally weird, 33% said that it depends on how different your financial situations are, 19% would be totally ok with it, and 5% said that they expect that! Now that was a surprise. Tbh to each their own. All we can say - be a decent human being and make sure your friend is not maxing out his credit card trying to buy his way out of the friend zone.

21% said they love the idea of it (probably all of them women😅), 43% said that it depends on how different your financial situations are, 29% said that it establishes a strange power dynamic, and 7% expect that in their relationship.

Again, we are not here to judge, but let us say just one thing - financial stability means freedom to walk away from a harmful relationship. If you are in a relationship where one partner covers the majority of costs, make sure that you have enough money to always have the option to leave the relationship. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you stay with a cheating partner because you can't afford rent. Rule of thumb - try to save up an emergency fund that covers 3-6 months of your bare bones living costs. Trust us, this will bring you a lot of peace of mind. ❤️

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