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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: Finals📚

Last week most Frichies went through finals & now that they're over and most of us are heading home for the holidays, we just want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS! You did it!👏👏👏

We know that everyone deals with stress differently and it can often feel isolating. So we featured questions of the day in the app to shine a light on how your peers are dealing with exam stress. The tl;dr - check in on your friends to see how they're coping with exam stress!🫂

This one is pretty fun because we can see what you think your spending is compared to your peers. Interestingly, the answers were pretty equally split between - spending the same, spending less and spending more. But if you want to know the exact numbers, you can always see how your transactions compare category by category in the Frich app under the 'Compare' tab!

This is a big one that not enough people talk about. 14% of you said that you cannot afford to skip work during exam season. If you're in a position where you can't skip work during exams because you need to pay the bills, ask your friends for help. Maybe your roommate can help with cooking or cleaning the apartment. Or maybe they can share their notes with you. Don't be ashamed to ask for help! A third of Frichies said that they don't have a job while working, so they can totally carve out some time to help a friend in need! 🫶

Two thirds of you said that you spend more money when you're stressed. We get it. Though our tip - try your best to spend money on things that save you time and decrease stress, rather than leaning on shopping as your "therapy". Coming out of a stressful period in your life and getting hit by credit card debt is only going to increase your stress.


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