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  • Zia Kara

Frich Insights: Christmas Etiquette🎄

Everyone loves the holiday season, and gifts are such a big part of it! From gift giving to gift receiving, there’s a lot to consider! Gift giving itself is an art - deciding who to gift to, predicting if they’ll gift you something and how much they’re spending, so you can gift an appropriate amount back. On the flip side, what if you get a gift you don’t like? Gift receiving holds its own stress! No matter what, presents are at the center of the holidays, between Secret Santas, Christmas, and other holiday parties. So let's dive into your most pressing questions about the gift giving season! 🎁

65% would keep the gift, the rest would regift or return. 


Ever been in a situation when a close friend gives you an absolutely terrible gift? That awkward feeling when you're pretending that it's exactly what you've been wanting!!! Ahh... we've all been there.

Handling a bad gift is always tricky, and most of your peers said they would keep the gift. At the end of day, keeping a gift can make someone else happy, so we’re proud you’re willing to do that for someone else! (But we also support regifting if you really hate it!) 


About half of Frichies would only bring a gift if the hosts specified! 

Bringing a present to a holiday party is a tricky balancing act, but your peers have answered! Half of you would bring a gift, but only if the host specified that the party involves gift giving (think Secret Santa, White Elephant etc). Next time you go to a holiday party, don’t feel bad if you can’t bring a gift. Our suggestion? Always clarify with the host! And if you're hosting a party, clear the confusion by being specific :)

If you ever wondered how much to spend on a Secret Santa, Frichies have answered! Your peers said they would spend an average of $32 on Secret Santa gifts. Let’s hope you didn’t spend too much more than that! And again, if you're hosting a Secret Santa holiday party, specify what the constraints are. We love a themed Secret Santa / White Elephant party too :)


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