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  • Aleksandra Medina

Frich Insights: All About Tipping

Last weekend one of our Instagram reels went absolutely viral. Almost 500,000 people saw the video and more than 1,100 people left a comment sharing their thoughts on "Is it acceptable to not leave a tip if you don't have a job?"

So obviously we created a whole week of Questions of the Day all about tipping. Let's dive in⬇️

People were reeallllyyy split on this one. The consensus literally is 50/50. 👀

Not a single person said that they don't tip for food delivery and we applaud you!!!👏 Almost 90% said that they always tip for food delivery and about 10% said they tip when the weather is bad.

Almost 50% said no. And we get that. You can read more about people's frustration with tipping at cafes in our comment section (disclaimer: it gets quite intense😅).

For the people who do tip at cafes, 20% tip if they buy food as well and 30% always leave a tip, even if it's small.

And let's end this on a sobering note. We've all felt that wave of anxiety as the tip iPad is turned towards us and we feel the eyes of the person behind us in the line. But are they actually judging us? Or just curious? Here's what Frichies said: 21% said they judge bad tippers, 61% said they only judge people if they don't tip at all, and 18% don't judge people based on how they tip. So here you go - your most burning questions have been answered with real data!

At Frich we always encourage our community to share their honest thoughts and anxieties, when it comes to all things money. We love to see our community get so engaged about a topic! Check it out on Instagram for yourself (and enjoy reading through the comments section💥). And, as always, check our app to see the questions for yourself :)


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