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  • Simona Kalachov

Compare Your Daily Spending...To Strangers

Brace yourselves for some super exciting news from the coolest finance app on the block (that's us)! 🚀 So you know how you can sneak a peek at how your income, rent, and credit score stacks up against your peers? (You did know that, right?👀) Well, we just dropped a new feature that's gonna seriously level up your financial game! Let's dive into the deets!

Guess what?!

You can now dive even deeper into the juicy details, and see how your daily spending compares to people just like you! We're talking Ubers, coffees, takeouts - 8 insightful categories that will help you to see exactly where your money is going, and how it compares to people around you. You might be raising an eyebrow, but stick around because there's some real sense to this. Let's talk about why comparing your spending to other people can actually be a good thing for your wallet and personal growth.

1. Getting Real About Your Finances:

This reality check helps you figure out if you're splurging or playing it safe. Armed with this insight, you're more likely to set smart money goals and whip that budget into shape.

2. Nudging You Towards Money Wins:

Knowing that you're throwing cash around more than your peers might give you the nudge you need to level up your money game. If your spending's off the charts, you could rethink those impulse buys, skip the pricey coffees, and start hoarding those savings.

3. Spotting Spending Weak Spots:

Anonymously checking out your peers' spending habits might highlight some areas where you're dropping more cash than them. Think about it: if you're swiping your card at restaurants more than your pals, it's like a neon sign pointing to where you could save a pretty penny. Cooking at home more often? That's money in your pocket right there. It's like a secret map leading you to financial treasure!

4.Turning Money Taboos on Their Head:

Okay, let's be real – chatting about money has been as awkward as talking about your embarrassing teenage years. But guess what? By letting people anonymously compare their spending, we're smashing those money taboos. Suddenly, everyone's in the same boat, sharing their wins and struggles without the cringe. When we all see that we're not alone in this money maze, it becomes a whole lot easier to swap tips and tricks without feeling like you're under a microscope.

5. Feeling the Money Feels:

Checking out spending stats isn't just about you – it's about understanding your peers too. Seeing the financial ups and downs of others helps you relate and be there for people around you as well. Empathy, people – it's like a warm fuzzy blanket for your soul.

6. Making Smart Moves with Data:

In a world where data calls the shots, why not let it help you master your money too? Looking at how others spend can guide your choices, whether it's finding a budget-friendly apartment or picking the perfect vacation spot. It's like having a trusty sidekick on your financial adventures, pointing out the best paths to take.

Comparing your spending with your peers (in a totally secret way) has some real perks. From getting real about your money habits to breaking money taboos and showing some financial empathy, the Compare feature has got something for everyone.


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