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5 Ways Frich Can Help You Reach Your Money Goals

Like you, we’re always working on bettering ourselves. So, we added new features for you to better achieve your money goals. Here are the five ways we have improved Frich to ease your money management.

All in one check-ins:

To ease the recording of your daily expenses, we have condensed the check-in feature so you can log all your expenses at once. All your spending categories will appear on the screen to give you a clear overview of where your money goes. You can simply edit the transaction by clicking on the category emoji to better reflect how you spent your money that day. With this feature, you can stay on top of your spending and use the information to create better habits. We want to help you to achieve your goals!

Get social:

You and your friends spend together, so why not save together? Frich is making money management the next social craze. Your friend bought that extra coffee? Throw a tomato at them. Your friend didn’t spend on Uber Eats after the long night out? Applaud them. Your friend is “ghosting” their daily check-ins? Poke them. Frich will continue to update you on your friend’s progress, and you will continue to keep each other accountable. Let’s achieve those goals together!

Recovery mode:

We get it - everyone makes mistakes sometimes. When we’re having a good time, we may forget about our goals. A little extra spending (in moderation) shouldn’t dismiss all the progress you have made. There’s no shame in going a little overboard, simply enter Recovery Mode and get back on track! You can now change some of your spendings into your savings. If your unexpected spending sets you back, take a deep breath, and let us help you recover.

Spender Type:

What’s your spender type? Frich has made its own version of a BuzzFeed quiz to tell you what type of spender you are. As much as we would love to blame your spending over budget on rising sign, it’s time for some real self-reflection of your habits. Frich will break down your expenses by the percentage you spend on each category. Get an overall picture of the categories draining your wallet the most!

The best perks around:

There’s nothing we love more than bringing you incredible deals for the products you love! You're doing such a good job trying to better manage your spending, so we do anything we can to help you succeed. Let us take you out to lunch for all your hard work. Browse through the best VIP, food, beauty, and many other perks you get by being a Frichie! Never pay full price again!

We cannot wait to watch you succeed in your goals by utilizing all these new features! Let our glow-up be your spending glow-up!


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