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4 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm on a Budget

It’s back to school season for college students. It’s an exciting time filled with new friends, new knowledge, and new parties. You may want your dorm room to replicate your childhood bedroom for comfort, or you may want to put all the posters on the wall your mother claimed was “ugly.” Either way, moving into your college home is stressful and expensive.

So here’s a few tips to make your room look like it came from the HGTV network without sacrificing your savings.

Student discounts galore!

Major corporations are giving you discounts, and you better take advantage of them. Target offers 20% off your purchase if you submit a valid student ID. You can get everything from bedding to toiletries here. They have soft blankets, shelf organziers, clorox wipes, and groceries - what else could you want? Bed Bath and Beyond will also give you 20% off. Guess what they sell there! Be sure to get the giant bins (if you need extra storage) and self organizers. The key to a pretty dorm is to have an organized dorm. Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have very similar items, but your 20% at both places should get you all the basics!

Be the main character of your room

The easiest way to decorate your room is to mount your life on the walls. Printing an individual picture at CVS costs $0.39. Make a photo collage of your friends and family. Buy a picture frame and hang it up above your bed. Hang a string on your wall and use clothespins to hold up the pictures. Your room will look fun and inviting.

Time to bring out your inner art critic.

A few simple prints of art on your wall will make your room shine. Society 6 and Etsy sell posters for $20 or less. Posterfi sells posters for less then $10. Choose a few and turn your walls into an art gallery. Also, you can get a big tapestry to cover the entire wall. Amazon sells tapestries with every possible design you could imagine for less than $20.

Don’t be afraid to DIY

Look up college dorm room on TikTok or YouTube. You can create your own bulletin board through using a cork board. Use duct tape as frames for artwork. Get a polaroid camera and hang the pictures of your new friends in your room. Get a fun colored lightblub. Buy a small disco ball from 5 below. Put your thinking cap on and be creative!

Remember - your decorating your dorm room is a fun way to express your unique personality. Stop stressing! Google whatever item you desire and find an alternative, cheaper version of it. Anything can be dorm decoration if its hung up properly!


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